Calendar of Events
Start of calendar events:
10/23/2017 RED RIBBON WEEK - Wear your Bethke Monday shirt
10/24/2017 RED RIBBON WEEK - "Be all you can be DRUG FREE" Wear CAMO!
10/25/2017 RED RIBBON WEEK - "Hats of to being DRUG FREE" Wear your Favorite Hat
10/26/2017 RED RIBBON WEEK - "Red-Y to live a DRUG FREE life" Wear Red
10/26/2017 PTA Meeting and First Grade Art Night
10/27/2017 RED RIBBON WEEK - "Team Up Against Drugs" Wear your favorite team jersey
10/31/2017 Bethke Book Character Parade
11/1/2017 Core Essential Trait - Gratitude Wear Yellow
11/7/2017 Election Day
End of calendar events.